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enVisionMATH California is centered around interactive and visual learning and differentiated instruction to address the specific needs of all student populations whether they be on level, struggling or at-risk learners, the gifted and talented, those with learning disabilities, or the 25% of California's children who are English learners and challenged to master math and other subject content at the same time they are becoming proficient in English.

Students and teachers may access enVision Math's on-line resources on Pearson SuccessNet after registration.
To assist students and teachers in using enVision Math's on-line resources on Pearson SuccessNet, ETO have made sure all the K-6 teachers and students have registered and have an account, which follows the protocol below:

User name = <intials (two letters only)><student ID>; for instance, David Jung with ID 12345, user name = dj12345. Password = <1st initial><birth date in mmddyy format> with the 1st initial capitalized; for instance, David Jung with birthday 10/05/2004, his password = D100504.

Some teachers have created their own accounts.* For those whose accounts were created by ETO, they will have a user name made of the district-issued e-mail address. The account's temporary password is <School name><School number> with the initial letter of the school name capitalized. (Please see the password list below and  notice Dewey, M.Vista and Rice deviate from the general scheme.) Once logging in, teachers may click My Account to change their passwords.

Temporary passwords of Teacher Accounts based on school name and number:
Bitely10, Dewey011, Emerson13, Sanchez14, Hillcrest15, Mvista17, Rice0018, Willard19

SuccessNet User Guide: Getting Started with Pearson SuccessNet
*Any teacher may access the enVision Math website and register and create account him/herself using the procedure below. In fact, we have created accounts for ALL teachers. It will be the choice of the teacher if he/she will switch to the account created by ETO.

1. Go to http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
2. Click Register if not already registered.
3. Enter the access code (see below) by grade level
4. Click Next and follow directions to create user name and password.


Grade 1:
Grade 2:
Grade 3:
Grade 4:
Grade 5:
Grade 6:

Teacher may contact Tech Support at 800.882.3030 or sent an e-mail to technical.support@pearson.com for questions and assistance.